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Help FCC Bloom with the Giving Tree!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Our church is well-loved and heavily used! Somethings in our church have not been updated for decades. Some tasks were done by others who can no longer do them. In an effort to make our church as attractive, welcoming, and safe as possible, the Council has created an initial list of items that you can help support! This list will grow and change as the church grows and changes.

How it works:

In the narthex of the church, there is a tree and below it some leaves which are made by children of the church. Select the item from the list below (updated list is found in the narthex) that you would like to donate, financially or time-wise. Once your donation is complete, add a leaf to the tree so we can see how our church continues to bloom!

Giving Financially:

If paying by check, write in the memo the item you would like the money to go to. It can be a portion of the total gift, and does not have to be the full amount. Checks can be dropped off in the little church inside the narthex or mailed to the church; 1701 SW Collins Ave Topeka KS 66604.

  • If paying electronically through Realm;

    • Log into your account or complete as a guest

    • Enter the Amount you would like to give

    • In the "Fund" field, select "Giving Tree"

    • In the "Memo" field, enter the item you would like your gift to go towards

    • Select the "Continue" button

    • Input your financial information or select the saved account

    • Click the "Give" button

    • If you get stuck, click here for a video on how to do it!

Giving of your Time:

Do the task at your convenience

  • Add a leaf to the tree

  • If the task is done by you repeatedly, add a leaf each-time you do it Example: You chose a task to "Empty the Recycling" after church each week. you get to put a leaf up each time you complete the task.

Where Gifts are Needed:

This is a list of gifts needed at the writing of this post. To see updated tasks, please visit the church's narthex.


1. Carpet Tiles $15,500 Total

First Floor Hallway $4,300

Offices $5,000

Library $3,200

Nursery $3,000

2. Church Pew Pads $13,500 Total

“Buy” your pew for $270

3. Back-to-School Supplies $600 Total

4. Two Defibrillators $2,500

5. Annual Movie Licensing Fee $340

6. RainBarrel for Garden $130

7. Snacks for Movie Night Seed Money $40

8. Screen for Movie Night $100

9. Movie projector, $70


1. Mowers needed. If interested, contact the office.

2. Pick up twigs from yard, especially needed after a heavy rain or windstorm

3. Weed Forgiven Man Garden

4. Sweep Forgiven Man Garden

5. Weed Memorial Garden

6. Represent Doorstep for the church

7. Help with K9 for the Community 5K walk/run

8. Give of your time to help the church in anyway



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