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Our Pastor

Tobias Schlingensiepen

Tobias has been serving as the Senior Pastor of the First Congregational Church since 2005.  Having grown up in Topeka, Tobias understand the unique challenges Topeka faces and is a community leader and advocate.

A few of Tobias' many community roles include Representative for the 55th House District, lead chaplain of the Topeka Police Department, vice chair for Braided Haven, Inc. and board member of Brewster Place.

Tobias is a graduate of Topeka West High School, Washburn University and the University of Kansas.


Our Staff

Our Church Council

Ministry Missions & Members

Worship & Music

The Worship and Music Ministry shall have general responsibility for the conduct of religious services of the Church, including advising and counseling the minister, assisting the pastor in the celebration of the rites and sacraments of the Church, providing for a music program, and developing a proposed plan of programs and services for the upcoming year.


Teresa Bliss (Chair)
David Shivers
Kay Foster
Khalani Britt
Nicholas Beroth
Shari Moszeter

Mission & Outreach

Mission and Outreach Ministry's mission is to determine and promote the monthly special offerings of the church, to organize activities and events that reach out to our church members as well as the larger community of Topeka.  Activities include annual church picnic, Easter egg hunt, Monarchs baseball trip, and scheduling welcome greeters for every Sunday service.


Ruth Pooler (Chair)
April Britt
Hannah Pooler
Sherri Kennedy
Taryn Wilkins


Facilities ministry is responsible for the maintenance of the building and grounds of our congregation.  This includes building repairs, updates, and repurposing, as well as landscaping and exterior changes and maintenance.   Facilities' ministry aim is to keep the church in working order to facilitate a positive, functional space for church and community members to gather, share ideas and build community.


Andy Fry (Chair)
Abby Schlingensiepen
Betany Riley
Michael Cox
Michael Locke
Pat Craven


The Justice Ministry's goal is to keep the Congregation informed of opportunities to be involved in social justice endeavors in the community and state and to take advantage of our location in the capital city to show up during the legislative session as advocates, for example with Kansas Interfaith Action.


Sharon Avery (Chair)
Becky Dickinson
Cindy Crow
Debbie Boos
Lorri Dean
Paul Beck

FCC Care Team

The FCC Care Team is devoted to visiting church members in their time of need, either at home or in the hospital.


April McNeil
Bruce Bower
Cindy Crow

Debbie Boos
Diana Reed
Don Jacobs

Glenda Bower
Mallory Goeke
Nick Berroth

Paul Beck
Ty Goeke
Sara Lobel

Tobias Schlingensiepen (Chair)

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